Hi. I’m Amanda. I’m a graduate of San Francisco Culinary School’s Pastry Arts program and trained in highly regarded pastry kitchens at Manresa Bread and Michelin-starred The Village Pub.

I make handmade custom desserts for parties up to 100. I’ll work with you on a menu plan that will perfectly complement your event.

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  1. LOVE YOUR NEW SITE! WELCOME. For years I have been searching for a rye bread like they used to make in New York. My dad was from there.We couldn’t get enough of that bread. Truthfully you only found it in Jewish bakeries. My Gram called it Jewish Corn Rye. The corn came from the cornmeal it was baked in. It had caraway seeds in it. It was a light rye, with a crispy crust and a lovely moist inside. I’m 67 and have been looking for that recipe for over 20 years. I will love you forever if you can find it. Respectfully Yours
    Barbara Karr

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